"I have been training with Tim since February 2018 and I see him two half hour sessions per week. Before Spartan I went to a very high end gym. I was there for 6 months doing a combination of fitness classes and personal training. My husband mentioned he was not seeing results so I decided to try spartan. I started to notice results in the second month of training with Tim. Now 6 months into his program I feel stronger, toned, and development muscle definition I never knew I had."


"I came to Spartan to quit smoking and improve my overall health. I've never been a workout guy and didn't know what to expect. Not only have I quit smoking and my doctor couldn't be happier with my fitness improvement, but I actually love going!"


"As I make my way to early sixties, I wanted to find a way to gain strength, lose weight, and build a healthier lifestyle. Spartan Training has provided me the motivation to accomplish all three. A gradual progression over the past 10 months has led me to almost 25lbs of weight loss, feeling much stronger and healthier, and has put me in a position to buy new clothes as I have dropped waist sizes. I had always been able to lose a quick 10-15 pounds but with all attempts the weight gradually came back on. The consistent weight training at Spartan has shown results, continues to challenges me, and has provided me the resources to continue the journey."