How much does it cost?

$50.00 for a ½ hour session
$100.00 for an hour

What are your hours?

Monday - Friday 5am – 9pm

I have very little experience working out. Is personal training right for me?

At Spartan we can custom create a work out program for anyone at any skill level. There is no need to be nervous; you will be one-on-one with our trainers in a private setting. Our trainers are here to help you make working out enjoyable and rewarding.

Can I work out on my own if I am a client?

The cardiovascular equipment is available to all clients when the center is open. Any weight training is done exclusively by appointment only.

Will you help me with my diet or nutritional program?

Nutritional advice is available to all clients and is considered a key component of all weight loss programs.

I have an injury and don't want to get hurt. Will the Spartan staff be able to work around it?

The center does not specialize in physical therapy or diagnosis of any health condition. In conjunction with your doctor or physical therapist we can create programs for clients with physical issues